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We employ a five-step asset management process.

  • We determine your risk profile and objectives through personal consultations with you. A personal profile is developed of your individual investment needs and objectives, time horizon, and attitudes toward investing.
  • We develop and set a personalized asset allocation policy based on your needs and objectives. This policy maximizes your investment returns relative to your risk tolerance through the carefully diversified allocation of your investments, especially the all-important mix of "growth vs. fixed-income".
  • Your asset allocation strategy is implemented and diversified across several asset classes and within proven management styles by investing in proven money management firms.
  • Your investment portfolio is carefully monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure it is properly balanced, and to take incremental advantage of periodic market opportunities as they arise. We also monitor each manager on several levels, especially performance against appropriate benchmarks.
  • We communicate with you on a regular basis and provide a comprehensive reporting package, which includes quarterly rates of return, monthly position reports, detailed transactions, and year-end tax reporting.

Of course, all of this is properly coordinated within your overall financial plan, and can be communicated with your CPA® and attorney as you wish. We also encourage grown children of mature seniors to ensure that their parents' hard-earned money is being effectively and efficiently utilized.

The process we utilize begins with the taking of a financial snapshot of a client's "financial world", including the review of financial documents such as tax returns and the listing of a client's most important concerns. It is usually at this point that the initial scope of any service can be estimated, which can begin with a more thorough written review. If work is to continue and an engagement is agreed upon, the meeting notes and financial documents are carefully reviewed and a written overview of observations and recommendations is prepared.

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